Marisa pattern design is inspired by the ocean and scuba diving. A warm and luxurious blue color invites you for a swim. Mysterious fish appear to accompany you. Corals bloom like flowers among the bubbles. Carry the calm but ever-changing beauty of the sea with you.


Wakaba pattern is inspired by the mystery of leaves and seasons. Leaves change and disappear only to appear once more. Yet they are eternal and make food from sunlight for all of nature. A leaf is drawn in light green for spring, dark green for summer, grey for autumn and white for winter. Celebrate the quiet but amazing power of nature.

los cactus

Los Cactus pattern is inspired by the design team's travels in South America. The sight of cactus and adobe style housing remained in our hearts as beautiful memories. A place of adventure, friendship and laughter treasured always. This pattern is perfect for dancing a tango, and drinking a marguerita. A dash of playfulness to cheer up your day and that of others.

oh caffeine

Oh Caffeine pattern is inspired by drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. The colors represent different types of coffee and there is a cheerful neo-classical style sun face. How can roasted beans bring such joy? Restored to full alertness, the challenges of the day seem possible to overcome! This theme radiates a feeling of wellbeing even in the middle of a busy week.

electric bamboo

Electric Bamboo pattern blends nature and technology to describe the modern lifestyle. A bamboo plant transports water in its branches just like an electronic circuit carries electrons along its pathways. The soft natural shape of the bamboo contrasts with the hard geometric lines of the wires. This pattern transmits a feminine but modern feel to your look.

fleur machina

Fleur Machina pattern is inspired by how machine gears and flowers look alike. How come things from two such different worlds as nature and engineering have such a shape in common? The pale pastels add a touch of gentleness and playfulness. This is an unusual pattern that is both simple and complex and expresses strength in a subtle way.